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Elevating the Ford Bronco: Aftermarket Overlanding Upgrades and Badass Tents

The Ford Bronco's resurgence has ignited a fervor among off-road enthusiasts, driving a surge in aftermarket upgrades that transform this iconic SUV into the ultimate adventure machine. From suspension systems to roof racks, the market is brimming with options to cater to every off-road need. In this blog, we'll explore the exciting world of aftermarket overlanding upgrades for the new Ford Bronco, featuring a special spotlight on Badass Tents.

  1. Suspension Systems:

To conquer rugged terrains, aftermarket suspension systems are essential, and brands like Fox, Icon, and Bilstein lead the pack. Lift kits, shocks, and coilovers not only provide additional ground clearance but also enhance overall ride quality. These upgrades ensure your Bronco maintains stability and control as you navigate challenging trails.

  1. Off-Road Tires:

Off-road adventures demand the right set of tires, and companies like BFGoodrich, Nitto, and Falken offer a range of all-terrain and mud-terrain options. These high-traction tires guarantee optimal grip and traction on diverse surfaces, making your Bronco ready for any off-road challenge.

  1. Roof Racks and Badass Tents:

For adventurers who want to elevate their camping experience, Badass Tents is a standout choice for roof racks, roof top tents, and accessory mounts. With their innovative designs and durable construction, Badass Tents takes your off-road camping to a whole new level. Badass Tents are made right here in America by real off road enthusiasts.

  1. Bumpers and Skid Plates:

Protecting your Bronco's vital components is crucial, especially when tackling challenging terrain. Aftermarket bumpers, skid plates, and rock sliders from brands like ARB, Rigid Industries, and CBI Offroad Fab provide extra armor, ensuring your vehicle remains unscathed during intense off-road excursions.

  1. Lighting Upgrades:

When the sun sets on your off-road adventure, proper lighting becomes paramount. LED light bars, pod lights, and upgraded headlights from brands like KC HiLiTES, Rigid Industries, and Baja Designs illuminate the trail ahead, enhancing visibility and safety during nighttime journeys.

  1. Performance Tuning:

For those seeking more power and torque, aftermarket performance tuning solutions are available. SCT Performance and Bully Dog offer tuners and programmers that optimize the Bronco's engine performance, delivering improved throttle response and enhanced off-road capabilities.

  1. Garage Mounts for Removable Doors:

Never worry about storing your Bronco's removable doors again! Innovative mounts available here provide a secure solution for hanging your doors in the garage, keeping them safe and easily accessible for when you want that open-air driving experience.


As aftermarket innovations continue to thrive, the Ford Bronco stands at the forefront of the overlanding community. With a diverse range of upgrades, including the exciting offerings from Badass Tents, enthusiasts can customize their Bronco to match their unique off-road aspirations. Explore our dedicated section for New Ford Broncos and embark on a journey of limitless possibilities with your Bronco.

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