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BearBolts: Safeguarding Your Provisions On Land and River

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Salt Lake City, Utah, BearBolts, an independent and veteran-owned company, has become a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts seeking responsible and wildlife-friendly camping solutions. With an unwavering passion for the outdoors and a commitment to responsible recreation, BearBolts introduces an innovative bearproofing solution designed to safeguard provisions and contribute to the well-being of wild bears.

BearBolts - The Ultimate Bearproofing Solution

BearBolts takes pride in presenting a cutting-edge bearproofing solution tailored for coolers and hard-sided cases. These adjustable locks fit seamlessly onto the most common IGBC-rated coolers available in the market. Equipped with a keyless bear-proof lock, BearBolts ensure that you can access your food and drinks without the constant worry of bear intrusions.

Your Cooler's Bear Resistance

While many coolers claim to be bear-resistant, achieving this rating requires them to be securely locked. BearBolts understands the importance of proper bear-proofing, and by investing in these locks, campers take essential steps to comply with wildlife regulations and truly secure their provisions from curious bears.

Hassle-Free Bear-Proofing

BearBolts offers a hassle-free bear-proofing experience with its keyless system. The quick-release technology allows for easy installation and removal within seconds, eliminating the inconvenience of traditional padlocks. Simply adjust the Bear Bolt to fit your cooler, secure it effortlessly, and enjoy peace of mind during your camping adventures.

Precision Design

BearBolts feature a distinctive flat-sided design, meticulously crafted to fit a large variety of cooler geometries. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, BearBolts are built to withstand any weather conditions, promising longevity for a lifetime of outdoor adventures.

High Visibility and Secure Attachment

The bright red-orange color of BearBolts ensures high visibility, allowing campers to quickly assess the lock status of their coolers.

Superior Material and Quality

Constructed from precision-machined 17-4 stainless steel, with hardened stainless ball bearings, BearBolts are synonymous with strength and reliability. The receiver, machined from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, guarantees the highest quality and durability necessary for safeguarding your coolers in any camping environment.

Whitewater Rafters' Delight

For whitewater rafting enthusiasts, BearBolts are not just a solution for land-based adventures. Their durable construction and quick-release technology make them an ideal choice for securing provisions on rafts. With BearBolts, whitewater rafters can confidently navigate the rapids, knowing that their supplies are not only secure from bears during their whitewater camping trips but also resistant to the elements and the challenges of river excursions.

Contributing to Wildlife Preservation

By choosing BearBolts, campers and whitewater rafters alike not only protect their food but also contribute to the preservation of wild bears. Proper food storage is crucial in preventing bears from becoming food-conditioned, ensuring their natural foraging behaviors persist and promoting a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.


BearBolts stands as a testament to responsible camping and river expedition practices, offering outdoor enthusiasts an effective and hassle-free solution for bearproofing their coolers, both on land and water. As you embark on your backcountry adventures or navigate whitewater rapids, let BearBolts be your trusted companion, providing the security you need while contributing to the preservation of our precious wildlife.

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