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All Bottle Jacks need a Buddy!!

A bottle jack is said to be one of the safest ways to jack up your vehicle. This nifty little axle saddle fits right on your hydraulic bottle jack and holds your axle tube while you jack up the axle.

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It's that EASY!!!


Easy to Use

Anyone can use the Bottle Jack Buddy. Just place it on...No welding required!

Compact and Lightweight

Just small enough to fit in most jack compartments

Made in the USA

That's right, these things are made right here in the good 'ol US of A. The way it should be!

Join thousands of happy users!

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Off Road

Trailer / RV

Roadside Safety Kit




Axle Size: Up to 3"
(4" for "The Big One")


Wieght: 1 lb. 9 oz.

Top of Jack: 1.5" or smaller...
(2" for "The Big One")

Material: 1/4" Steel

It will likely work with any 12 ton bottle jack but measure your lifting platform to confirm.

("The Big One" will likely work with most 20 ton bottle jacks, and fit's most Dana 60, Dana 70, and Dana 80 axles...but measure your axle and lifting platform to confirm)

Smaller bottle jack lifting pads will work, but there will be space between the jack and the tube and it will have to be centered, it's ideal to have the lifting pad as close to 1.5 inches in diameter as possible for a better fit. It's the perfect bottle jack adapter for the garage, the 4x4 trail, Jeep, Recovery, RV, travel trailer, farm, ranch,  horse or livestock trailer, vehicle roadside safety kit, or any other location where you want to lift the vehicle from a solid axle in a secure and safe manner. Comes powder-coated in black. Made in the USA.

-Bottle jack not included-

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Now $49.99!

This product has a patented design for lifting an axle with a bottle jack.  It just slips on and doesn't require any welding! This is the perfect automotive tool to keep in your vehicle when using a bottle jack on an axle. This bottle jack axle bracket will help lift a vehicle from the axle more securely rather than putting just the bottle jack pad on the axle. It just slips on and doesn't require any welding!

When picking your BJ Buddy™ "SIZE MATTERS!"
so please make sure to measure before placing your order.


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