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Jason Szabo the poster boy for the nomadic lifestyle.

I met Jason at an event called The Reality Rally in Temecula, CA near where I live. It's an event where dozens of reality stars come together for a weekend to raise money for Michelle's Place Cancer Resource Center. It's an amazing organization and a fun event that was organized by my friend Gillian Larson from Survivor.

Since I've known him, he's been quite the pinnacle of an adventurer.

I've watched his social media as he's moved to Hawaii on a whim and stayed there to live and weasel his way into high budget movies and hike epic trails. I've seen him jump over to Australia and take on the outback Szabo style......

...I watched as he's travelled the country in an old Toyota Dolphin from remote location to remote location looking for everything from gold to giants.

When on Naked and Afraid he claims to have thoroughly enjoy himself. Most survivalists will prepare for an adventure like this by eating a shit ton to bulk up with reserves. Not him, he just trains by not eating so that he's just used to it....Brilliant!!

A treasure hunter is what he seems to be at the core, but all I know is that the normal monotonous day to day life isn't exactly his idea of exciting. Jason is a great guy. Don't forget to follow him on Instagram @nomadic_savage__

Let's Outside!

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